Brian S. Hanish

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Adventuring Home: Jessie Allen Cooper - Music Video, Drone Photography, Editor

This Time Tomorrow: Jessie Allen Cooper - Artist Album Bio Video, Camera/Editor

The Johnny Neurotic Show: Producer/Camera

Vape Warz the movie: Producer/Camera

The King and Me-A softball odyssey: sports bio feature - Producer/Camera

Thumb Wars The Thighs of Sky Skipper: Feature, Art Dept.

Neurotic Burn-Johnny Does Burning Man: Feature Documentary UDTV 2002


Trade Show Nation TV - Event Camera Dp
E3 expo - Security expo - Anime expo

SunFare personalized meals to your door - Jib Arm Rental Tech.

The Faith Coin: Website design

Irene in Time - Forever in Time We'll Be - music video edit

Baracuda: Feature film - Gaffer - Stills - B roll camera

Table X: Event Still Photographer

WaterWoman Festival: Event video and Stills

Not Burning Man: Event Co-Producer

Lets Connect Concert- Jessie Allen Cooper - 7 HD cameras
Lets Connect video
Heavens Dance GQ rap video

Buck E Filbert - Webisode Shorts

"Road Side Assistance" the Movie - Horror Feature 6-07
Director - Menetie Ejeye
Dir. Photograhy: Brian StuArt Hanish
Starring Shane Woodson

Trust In The Lord music video

"The Charlie Paradox" music video

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Song "Charlie"
music video contest.
Bridget "The Midget" Powerz
Monica "La Loca" Acuna
Illusionist-Kirin Stone
Video-Brian S. Hanish
Director/Editor-Buck E. Filbert

"LUST" 11-2006
Dir. Photograhy: Brian StuArt Hanish
Nick, Loca,

Jessie Allen Cooper   4-2005
"Pacific Lounge"
CD layout design and artwork
Production by Brian Hanish, Sal Matteo, Julianna White

CURRICULUM VITAE. Forming the backbone of the Ministry of Unknown Science are
four scientific geniuses who toil ceaselessly to solve impossible problems with improbable science
Props by Brian Hanish
Dir. Photography
Brad Cooper
Written by MOUS - Eric Truheart, Rico Gagliano, Jason Berlin, and Tim Walker
Directed by Chuck Cirino

"The Three Trials"   11-2004 feature
a twisted avante garde surrealism where one woman is tested on faith and reality
Lighting by Brian Hanish
Dir. Photography
Brad Cooper
Written & Directed by Randy Greif


"YOUR FIRED"   10-2004
Spoof of the Apprentice - AOL pilot
Dir. Photography
Brian Hanish
Written & Directed by Melody Murray
Producers Alexia Cirino, Chuck Cirino & Todd Stevens

Jessie Allen Cooper   11-2004
Promotional DVD video
Music Videos
Moment in Time
Dance On
Full Moon
videos for Gallery 825
Fluffy Clouds

Objects In Motion
Production by Brian Hanish, Curt Lafurney

"One My Valentine"  10- 2004 feature trailer
Lighting by Brian Hanish
Dir. Photography
Andrew Parke
Written by
Gigi Greene
Produced by Derrick "Dimi Sloane" Sesson, Keith Rosary

Cain and Abel  7-2004  feature
Shane Woodson recently wrapped production on the comedy Feature Motion Picture for "CAIN and ABEL"
starring Shane Woodson, Terrence Flack, and Cristy Oldham.
Photographed by Brian Hanish

The Orpheum Theater - Los Angeles: Historical Project

Wu Tang's Silkski   5-2004 music video

(PRWEB) May 14, 2004 - Wu Tang and Brooklyn Zu all-star Silkski, aka the Don of All Dons, Upcoming album "End of Days," including the singles "No Money" and "The Don of All Dons." Silkski recently wrapped production on the music video for "The Don of All Dons." Photographed by Brian Hanish

iMachine Films -

"PEEK" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Six Minutes of Air" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Finis" Photographed by Brian Hanish
A Felinni-esq romp down the rabbit hole, has you caught in a hypnotic surrealistic, projectionalism universe, with the unforgiving task of being the messenger. 

Savitch Films -

"Feel the Wind Blow" Music video Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Interview with an internet Junkie" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Black Secret" Photographed by Brian Hanish

The Magic of Kirin Stone: promo

Las Angeles Orheum Theater - Editor

My Dinner with Ovitz - editor
you tube
video link

Johnny Neurotic: Tales of a CrackHead
the anti drug short film

ArtArtist - Virtual Art Gallery

SurfnTheWeb demo clip theater




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Thumb Wars episode 9
Thumb Wars
Sets and Effects
by Brian S. Hanish,
Salvatore Matteo for
Steve Oderkirk