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Club VR: Virtual Reality Equipment
for Events and Partys

Vivid Mandala Interactive System

Virtual Surf Board

club vr is no longer in operation, past clients include

Snap concert - Studio X @ Hollywood Palladium - Dec. 6, 1993

Electronic Cafe

Billy Idol @ EZTV

Learning Annex @ Hollywood Hyatt

Cyber Sex inc @ DragonFly Club

Glam Slam - Prince

Siggraph @ CowBoy Boogie Aug. 1993

Billy Idol CNN interview "cyberpunk"@ EZTV virtual space

LA Fiesta Broadway - Coke Cola

Kontrol Factory - Billy Idol release party@ The Probe

ShowBiz Expo June 1993

KROQ Heal the bay @ Irvine Meadows

EZTV aug 25 1993 Birthday party for Brian

VRpanel and Lobby Demo -
Academy of Interactive Arts and Science
@ Directors Guild of America

VR Room @ ShowBiz E xpo 1994

Whole Life Expo #14

Anti Gravity Products @ ShowBiz E xpo 1995

KROQ Beach Fest - Long Beach April 1995

Club Vr: Creators - June Lavenberg Caldwell + Brian Stuart Hanish

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Paradox Productions