Video Log


Producing, Directing, Camera, Lighting, And Editing

Camera D.P.

UpsideDown Tv
more than 50 live shows

Upside Down Midget: Bridget the Midgets lil show

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show #38 California Recall

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show #15 The Wizard of OZ

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show #11: 9-11-01

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show #9: Men In Black

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show #1 Independence Day ID4

UDTV Johnny Neurotic Live Show PROMO

Johnny Neurotic: Does Burning Man

Johnny Neurotic: Goes HOLLYWOOD

Johnny Neurotic: @ AFM

Johnny Neurotic Short Cuts: with guest Chuck Cirino

Johnny Neurotic: Doo Dah Parade 2001 short

Johnny Neurotic: @ Siggraph

Johnny Neurotic: @ North Hollywood Art Fest

Bridget Speaks with Johnny Neurotic

Johnny Neurotic: Tales of a CrackHead


Your Fired-Apprentice Spoof: Fearless Media - AOL pilot

Buck E. Filbert -News Spoof

Burning Man, Burns: free your self

Ear Coning: instructional - King Kone

Clown Town Detectives

Aqua Vistas

The Biltmore Ghost: project

Game World: promo

Custom Designs of California - Promo

This 'n That 'n Chat


Six Minutes of Air -Short - Savitch Films
Interviews with Internet Junkies - Feature - Savitch Films
Finis - Short - Savitch Films
Black Secret -Short - Savitch Films



Music Videos


Lets Connect Concert Video in HD: CSW

The Charlie Paradox: Red Hot Chili Peppers - contest

Trust in the Lord: Pat Liberty

My Friend Mark: Bridget the Midget

Dance On: Jessie Allen Cooper - CSW

Full Moon: Jessie Allen Cooper - CSW

Moment in Time: Jessie Allen Cooper - CSW

Dance On = Objects in Motion - 80 seconds + music video - Jessie Allen Cooper

Tranquillity = Fluffy Clouds - 80 seconds + music video - Jessie Allen Cooper

Groovin Out Back + music video - Jessie Allen Cooper

Feel the Wind Blow + music video - Dune Savage - Savitch Films

Radio i Ching + 3 music videos from live concert

Good Life + music video - Rat Bat Blue

Villain + Music Video - Tru Morra

Not Exactly Silent + 45 min Rock Show for "The Movies" a band

Third World America + Music Video - Sound Mind

Mistaken Identity + Music Video - Mozaic



My Dinner With Ovitz - Make Magic Productions

Special- Projects

Jessica Brooke - Actors Reel - Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana Look a Like

Jessie Allen Cooper - Musician Profile

Forces Of Nature:  Magic of Kirin Stone Promo

MultiMax: Promo Short

Orpheum Theater: promo

Global Broadcasting Network: animated logo

The Biltmore Ghost Project:

Joanie Wread: - Acting Demo

"CLUB VIRTUAL REALITY" -- Promotional Video -- CLUB V.R.


CD album covers:

Tony Mesina Live @ irdium
Lets Connect
Pacific Lounge
Sound Travels
Sounds of Feelings
Radio i Ching
Jesus is Coming

"Digtal Broadcaster 32" -- Promotional Video -- Digital Micronics

Custom Designs of California -- Promotional Documentry

Hancock Park Light Opera -- 2 TV Commercials

"Making of FOSTERS beer" -- TV Comm. -- Documentary FOSTERS beer

"Making of MacTonite" -- TV Comm. -- Documentary -- Design Setters

"The Magician" -- 2 TV Commercials -- Shazzam Visuals

"VISIONS" -- A surreal dream. In B&W and Color

"ST'ROIDS" -- Sci Fi, mini spectacular.

"S.N.A.F.U." -- Sci fi Comedy. -- EQUICON 1981

"Suicide is Painless" -- B&W UCLA film Prod.

"Free 'n' Easy" -- Montage of L.A. -- FILMEX 1980

"SPY vs SPY" -- Comedy spoof -- Santa Monica College

"Idle Threats" -- A humorous vignette



NEOTEK -- Electronics for high tech props and sets.

CLUB V.R. -- Chief Technical Engr. for Virtual Reality event company.

FIREFLY LIGHT CO. -- Lighting Technician, - Various rock concerts

AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE -- Five projects, - Sound and video tape operater


Free 'N Easy - Paradox Productions + FILMEX 1980 - L.A. Ca.

Finis - Savitch Films + Unexplored Film Festival - Vienna, Austria.

Johnny Neurotic: In Vegas + Neo Zion Prod. + DV Expo Fest. - L.A. Ca.

Cinematography, Photography, Electronics, Special Effects, Video, Audio, Computer Graphics, S.C.U.B.A. Diving, Helicopter Student Pilot, Mac, Amiga Computers, WEB Design, Virtual Reality,.


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