A time machine without a Paradox is just a clock 

Paradox Studios & Productions

since 1978

 PARADOX: contrariety, misfit, absurdity,
inexpectation, ridiculousness.

 Film - Video - Stills - Drones
Shoot - Edit - Graphic Design

Feature Films

Music Videos




Promotional / Demo Tapes

Web Design and Hosting.

Custom Props and Gizmos


Brian Stuart Hanish - CameraMan - Artist

Paradox Studio Film Ranch

The Red Rock Resort - Rental for shoots and events
RRR Film an Event Ranch In Upper Mojave Desert

PODnet.biz   web design and hosting services
Paradox Online Digital net
Paradox Post
HD Non Linear Editing + Shoot & Edit Digital + Graphic Design
CLUB VR - Virtual Reality rip

Paradox Studio

Paradox Studio



Paradox Props - Kludge a Set 
Custom Props & Electronic Gizmos
Rentals - Manufacture

Cinema Paradox
Video ClipTheater

Wacked OUT ViDeo